Apple Watch Were All Snapped Up In 30 Minutes

In the United States, only 10 minutes later, the black Apple Watch Sport were booked out.

April 10, Apple Apple Watch Smart Watch today formally accept online reservations. Within 30 minutes of the time, most of the models were booked.

Today, Apple Watch in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, China and Japan formally accepted the booking. In the United States, only 10 minutes later, a black Apple Watch Sport was booked, the delivery date was postponed to the middle of next month. A few minutes later, the ship date was pushed again by the end of May. According to Apple's plans, the first Apple Watch will be shipped April 24.

After 40 minutes, 18K Gold Edition Apple Watch the shipping date has been postponed to the end of July. An hour later, only a few of several unpopular models there are goods, such as dial size of 38 mm silver shell and green strap models, others are already booked completed.

In China, the highest price of 18K gold version of Apple Watch in less than an hour to be snapped up. The most expensive model sells for 126,800 yuan (US $ 20,000).

In Australia, Sydney's financial district (financial district) in front of Apple's flagship store has more than 20 fans in line, they want before buying can personally experience the Apple Watch.

Apple had said yesterday, in view of the consumer Apple Watch's "great interest", the official opening of sale of this product is likely to outstrip supply in April 24.

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