Apple Watch Voted $ 38 Million Ad-Rate In The Past Month

April 10, along with Apple Watch smart watches sale time approaching, the last month of this product Apple is increasing advertising investment. Since the "Spring Forward" events of March 9, Apple has spent $ 38 million related to the Apple Watch advertising, including in the United States put the television advertising and digital advertising.

As a comparison, in the past six months time, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus advertising expenditures $ 42,000,000. Clearly, Apple is more actively promote the new Apple Watch. It is also easy to understand. Apple Watch after Tim Cook (Tim Cook) as CEO of Apple's first new product launch. In addition, not everyone was familiar with Apple Watch, but most people know at least iPhone.

This week, Apple NCAA basketball televised prime-time delivery of advertising. In addition, Apple also purchased the popular television programs, including the US drama "The Walking Dead" and the variety show "The Voice" advertising. Since the March events, Apple Apple Watch broadcast advertising has exceeded 300 times.

Apple Watch will be held April 10 to start booking and will start on the same day in-store display. This product will be April 24 officially on sale. Industry insiders estimate that, prior to this, the public will see more advertising Apple Watch.

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